SEO Services

When a person has an immediate need, the first place they typically turn to is Google. The first thing a person sees when doing a Google search from their mobile device are paid ads, making it easier for the searcher to find a quick solution for his or her need. Therefore it can be very lucrative to have your business show up for those searches.

At Trackable Results, we can help you grow your business with an effective Pay Per Click (PPC) strategy. There are many intricacies when setting up your ads that must be adhered to when setting up your campaign. Just making one mistake can cost the business owner thousands of dollars in their ad budget. After years of experimenting with paid traffic, we have noticed many people and even businesses specializing in paid traffic making the same mistakes in their campaigns.

While everyone wants their company to be up at the top of the search engines, getting a website ranked these days can be very difficult. As Google changes their algorithms regularly, search engine optimization is constantly changing. Many companies that perform SEO services use old or outdated techniques that can actually cause your site to get penalized. Once Google penalizes your site, it is very difficult to build credibility with them again. Taking shortcuts with SEO is NOT recommended and can hurt you worse in the long run. It’s best to start out right from the beginning.

The top 5 sites get more than 75% of all of the clicks. After paid ads take take more than 10% of all clicks, that leaves businesses fighting over the crumbs. At Trackable Results, we can help you rank your site so you can get more business.

The first place to start with is an SEO audit of your exisiting site. With an SEO audit from Trackable Results, we can give you a complete audit your existing website. Our audit will show you exactly where your website is doing well and what needs improvement. You will be given a complete xray of your website letting you know exactly what needs to be implemented.

% Clicks for Google's #1 Ranked Site


% Clicks for Google's #2 Ranked Site


% Clicks for Google's #3 Ranked Site


% Clicks for Google's #4 Ranked Site


To vastly improve lead generation effectiveness, having an automated reputation marketing strategy in place will greatly improve your results.