Business Videos

Getting the right message out to your audience is essential.  When a viewer clicks on your video or your website, their attention span is limited and decreases by the second.  That is why it is important that your video grabs visitors attention immediately and draws them in.

At Trackable Results, we can help you devise the right script to really drive your message home.  Once your script is completed, we will have a professional speaker deliver your message to convert your visitors in a professional looking video with your company logo, call to action and phone number.

We can help rank your video in the top of the search engines to help you get more traffic and generate more leads.  Call Trackable Results  at 630-326-5556 for a custom quote today.

Review Videos

Having a good reputation is more important now than ever before. With more people turning to their mobile phones for places to shop, reviews are showing up everywhere.  So as important as it is for you to maintain your online reputation, it is equally important to let the world know about your reputation.

These review videos are a great way to market your business. Letting your potential clients hear about other people’s positive reviews will make them feel more comfortable in doing business with you. Ask about our monthly review packages to help promote your reputation.

Animated Videos

As the internet has grown significantly in popularity, video has exploded.  The problem is, is that if people don’t stay on your videos long enough to get your message, your marketing efforts are diminished.  Cartoon and animated videos increase viewer retention rates substantially and can dramatically increase your return on investment.

To measure the overall effectiveness of video marketing, we recommend coupling your videos with a Trackable Phone System.