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Why Having An SSL Certificate Matters

Why Having An SSL Certificate Matters

Attention website owners:

Does your website have one of these?

With one of Googles most recent announcements, all websites will be required to have a secure socket layer as a level of protection for end users. While this may sound confusing, a secured socked layer is referred to as an SSL certificate which encrypts the communication of a website between the browser and web server. While this is primarily in effect on Google, many of the other browsers are set to follow suit as well to better protect users. As of 2017, over 44% of all web users we using Google Chrome. By neglecting your SSL, you are eliminating the single largest user segment of the internet.

Google also said it will be giving sites with SSL Certificates an extra boost in their search engine rankings as incentive to encourage other users to follow suit. Sites that fail to comply with an HTTPS: will be deemed with “not secure” warning. Since Google loves their users, they are looking for every way to make users feel more secure while using their browser. This transition is set to take place in July of 2018 when they issue their new version of Chrome 62. Websites with any kind of text input ability will require an SSL certificate.

So by now you’re probably asking what is an SSL Certificate and how do they work?An SSL Certificate also known as an, “HTTPS:” is a Secure Sockets Layer and is the new standard in establishing an encrypted link between a web server and end user (whether on desktop PC or a mobile device). This link ensures that all data passed between servers and web broswsers remains private. Those sites without SSL Certificates will not be able to establish a secure connection and users will get the, “Not Secure” warning when accessing those sites that are not secure. In a nutshell, this just means your company information will be digitally connected to a cryptographic key.SSL Certificates contain the following information: the name of the holder, copy of the certificate holders public key and serial number and expiration date SSL Certificates are important because they protect users from cyber criminals. Cybersecurity Ventures estimates damages will cost the world over $6 trillion dollars a year by 2021. Sites failing to have an SSL Certificate will identify weakness in their networks and expose holes in website security. SSL Certificates encrypt sensitive information. Information sent over the Internet is passed from computer to computer and get to and end destination on a server. Any computer with a connection between you and the server will have accessto all data you type in including bank account and credit card number usernames and passwords, as well as other sensitive information not encrypted.

When SSL certificates are used, information becomes unreadable to everyone except for the server you are sending information to. So you are probably beginning to see why SSL Certificates build trust for end users. Viewers will know sites are safe by the HTTPS address and green lock and Secure wording in the address bar and will have more comfort and security knowing information being transmitted is safe against transit based hacks.To secure you SSL Certificate, click here.

You should also have an SSL Certificate on your website if you collect any data or payments from your customers or if they use your website to send you private information.

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